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Everything in order for the Customs Administration

Vat Rap Info can arrange all the necessary customs documents for your import, export or transit consignments.

Everything in order for the Customs Administration
If you want to import or export goods into or from the Netherlands, you have to ensure that your customs documents are in order. A small mistake can cause major problems with the Customs Administration. If you need any help in this respect from a customs specialist, Vat Rap Info would be glad to assist you with all your import, export or transit consignments.

Declaring imports
When importing or exporting goods from or to a country outside the European Union, you are required to file a customs declaration. As soon as you file a declaration, the Customs Administration can start clearing the respective goods. This procedure involves a large amount of paperwork. Vat Rep Info has the knowledge and expertise to clear goods through customs smoothly and quickly.

Declaring exports
If you transport goods outside the European Union, you have to file an export declaration. In most cases, goods you export are exempt from VAT.

Every product is placed in a tariff category in order to be able to calculate the amount of import duty and other taxes. The Customs Administration determines which category a product is placed in. This is called binding tariff information (BTI). We would be pleased to advise you on import duty, tariff categories and BTIs.

Customs value and goods code
The amount of import or export duty depends on the nature of the respective goods and their origin. The way in which the customs value is calculated frequently raises questions. What should or should not be included? Vat Rep Info would gladly assist you in answering these questions.

Storage under supervision
Vat Rep Info can place goods in transit to an unknown destination in storage under customs supervision. We can make all the arrangements on your behalf so that you can store goods without paying import duty and other taxes until the destination is known.

Unknown destination
Goods that enter the EU with an unknown destination are placed ‘in temporary storage under customs supervision’. The maximum storage period for goods with an unknown destination that arrive by sea-freight is 45 days. After this time, the destination must be known. Goods that arrive by air freight can be stored for a maximum period of 20 days. In both cases, filing a customs declaration is required. Vat Rep Info would be happy to help you with the necessary documents.

(Re-)export without duty
The Customs Administration helps traders by storing their goods in a customs warehouse. If the goods are not in transit to a destination in the EU, no import duty is owed. As long as goods are stored in a customs warehouse, you do not have to meet any tax or legal obligations in the Netherlands. However, strict requirements apply in respect of the administration of goods in a customs warehouse. The Customs Administration issues a permit for storage and demands and bank guarantee for duty that may subsequently have to be paid. Vat Rep Info can make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

Do you have any doubts as to whether your consignment meets all the requirements imposed by the Dutch Customs Administration? Or do you need help with your customs documents? Please do not hesitate to contact us

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